12 February 2010

Tweenie Genie #2 Genie High School

by Meredith Badger

Hardie Grant Egmont. Australian, Junior, Fantasy. Hardback rrp $16.95

Back in May 2009 I reviewed Badger’s first book Tweenie Genie #1 Genie in Training and couldn’t wait for the sequel. I was very excited when Tweenie Genie #2 Genie High School arrived on my desk. And I wasn’t disappointed either with lots more things to learn about genies.

Poppy, our local genie in training, is now ready for high school. But what is in store for Poppy is not a normal high school. Poppy is ready to start Stage Two of her genie training and to do that she must go to Genie High. There are some strange lessons in store - learning to ride magic carpets (although Poppy has already aced that), genie judo and ancient languages.

But like in any high school, be it normie (genies name for a normal human) or genie, there are personality clashes, dares and people desperately trying to fit in. Does Poppy have what it takes for Genie High School or must she accept that she will fail or even worse, be expelled?

Tweenie Genie #2 Genie High School follows directly on from book one. And set with the same format, hard cover, great illustrations, genie facts and figures, Badger will keep her fans happy and pick up a few new ones along the way (who can easily start with Book 2 and go backwards if they like).

Tweenie Genie #1 Genie in Training was reviewed in May 2009 by The Reading Stack.


  1. so when is book #2 coming out ?

  2. Thanks iloveaaa for your comments. The above review is for Book #2 and it was released in February this year. Here is Hardie Grant's link for more information http://hardiegrant.com.au/Books/Books/Book.aspx?isbn=9781921564819

  3. Hi Meredith i am a big fan of you tweenie genie book i hope you write more book about poppy miller.

    From Liezl Taduran

  4. are you ganna write another tweenie genie?
    i sure hope so

  5. I wish that tweenie genie book2 would be sent to Cantonment Primary School's library so that Cantonment students can borrow book2 . I read book1 and it was so amazing! Please oh please send it to my school I really wanna read book2!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. I read book one it's nice and I'll read it again!