08 February 2010

Come Back to Me

by Sara Foster

Random House Australia. Australian, Mystery. Paperback rrp $32.95

Mark used to date Chloe but she ended up married to Alex. Mark works with Chloe and invites Chloe and Alex to a dinner date with Julia, a mystery woman who suddenly appeared one night at his law office. When Alex is introduced to Julia at the beginning of the dinner, everyone’s lives become turned upside down.
And so begins the story of Come Back to Me. This is a tragic tale of secrets that should have been told, decisions that should not have been made and how history can always change the present and the future.

Julia and Alex both share a secret, a terrible tragedy that happened ten years past. When Alex meets Chloe several years later he never tells her this part of his past. Then Julia resurfaces from who knows where and Alex finds that what has happened in the past can come back to haunt you. Maybe he should have told Chloe everything. But is it too late?

Chloe is also hiding a secret from Alex. The longer she puts off telling him the harder it becomes and the gap widens between their love for each other.

When Alex and Julia decide to confront the past to help them with their future, it means travelling to Perth from London. And what about Chloe? Does Mark find that he can help fill the void that Alex has left?

Come Back to Me is a book for anyone who likes to be surprised by multiple twists and turns. Brilliant!


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