13 December 2009

Brigands M.C.

Book 11 of the CHERUB series

by Robert Muchamore

Hachette Childrens. Junior, Crime. Hardback rrp $34.95

There will be no need to tell CHERUB fans how exciting the CHERUB series is.

Dante Scott is eight when he witnesses his parents and his older brother and sister brutally killed by the Führer, murderous leader of the Brigands biker gang. He and his baby sister, Holly, only just escape. But Dante is old enough to know that his life is now a game of cat and mouse while the Führer and the Brigands try to find him before he can testify.

After numerous foster homes, Dante thinks he is safe. But the Führer never gives up and the Brigands have chapters all over the world. Dante will never be able to stop looking over his shoulder for danger. Then Dante and Holly end up in the one place no-one will find them. In fact no-one other than other CHERUB agents knows about it. CHERUB campus.

Dante’s life is brighter but his small childish lies make him a witness that no-one believes. Justice is not done and the Führer walks free.

More than four years later Dante may just get the opportunity to put things right.

The CHERUB series is aimed at junior to young adults but I am a big fan of this popular series and Muchamore keeps me eager to read the next book. Book 12 Shadow Wave will be out late 2010 and I, for one, will be looking forward to it.

The Recruit and Class A was reviewed in Issue 16 and The General was reviewed in Issue 12 of The Reading Stack.


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