12 December 2009

Delilah’s Dream

by Ian Trevaskis and illustrated by Janine Dawson

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Junior. Hardback rrp $24.95

Delilah is a young hen with dreams - of flying in outer space, soaring over the farmyard, and soaring among the stars. When she told her sisters, Priscilla and Esmeralda, they laughed at her.

But Delilah never gave up her dreams.

Then, one evening, a sinister shadow slunk in through the fence. Delilah knew she had to do something. But what?

How could one young hen overcome such a powerful and frightening threat?

Delilah’s Dream is a story of imagination and beliefs. It shows that through perseverance you can follow your dreams and instincts to lead a long and happy life.


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