05 March 2009


Ultimate Edition
by Robert Muchamore

Hachette Children’s Books. Young Adult, Junior. Hardback rrp $29.99

For all those CHERUB fans out there this is the perfect gift. For others, who have only read one CHERUB book, then this is also the perfect present. The first two books in the serie
s are beautifully bound together in this hard cover edition with an extra story and a detailed map of the CHERUB campus. This is a must have for all CHERUB fans – new or old.

In The Recruit we meet James, a troublesome boy who loses his mother and is separated from his sister, Lauren. He is recruited by CHERUB, a top-secret organisation whose agents are all between the ages of ten and seventeen. But first James must prove that he is capable of becoming an agent. James finds that maybe being an agent isn’t as easy or as desirable as he thinks. But when Lauren is recruited and he has become close to a number of others, he decides maybe it is better to be a CHERUB.

In Class A James and some of his friends must infiltrate and befriend the children of Keith Moore, one of Europe’s most powerful cocaine dealers. What James finds is that being so close to the drugs is a danger in itself. Maybe CHERUB should not have sent children on this mission.

I admit I am a big fan of the CHERUB books having now read The Recruit (Book 1), Class A (Book 2) and The General (Book 10 which was reviewed in Issue 12). The next problem for me is to find the time to read books 3-9 with Book 11 – Brigands M.C. soon to be published! And there’s certain to be more as the popularity of this bestselling series continues to grow.


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