05 March 2009


by Ellie Royce

ABC Books. Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $14.95

My twelve year old daughter who hates fashion (her idea of going out clothes is jeans, t-shirt and sandshoes) and I (who was always a trendsetter as a teenager) reviewed this together. Funny how books on the face of it can seem right for some (me) but then, much to my bitter disappointment, the book’s rightful reader is found (my daughter). This is a book teenage girls will easily relate to. Sigh!

The two main characters Mimi and Aphra have a book they write in and then pass to the other after each class. Messages are shared, stories written, suggestions and gossip recorded. It is all in the Letterbook. A clever way of communicating without getting into too much trouble – better than passing notes.

Then there is the competition. A magazine wants to come to a school to do makeovers and a fashion shoot. And there is the school social to organise. Lucky the girls have their letterbook. So much to do in so little time.

Just as everything is starting to fall into place at school, things start unravelling at home.

My daughter opted out on the review (no parent will be surprised!) and would only give me brief descriptions of the book but she did give the best acknowledgement for a book – she read it and liked it. When a tomboy girl likes a fashion book then that’s high recommendation for the story indeed.

Royce delivers a masterstroke in writing Passion for Fashion as Mimi and Aphra’s letterbook. The reader hooks directly into the thoughts of the two girls – all that is happening is happening within the pages of the Letterbook itself. Great!


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