14 November 2009

Dreaming of Dior

by Charlotte Smith. Illustrated by Grant Cowan

Harper Collins. Australian, Adult Biographical, Adult Other. Hardback rrp $35.00

From the moment I picked up the beautiful pink and black velvet Dreaming of Dior, I was entranced. It isn’t just a book about Dior but a book about women’s clothes from 1790 to 1995 and many famous designers.

I flicked through the pages and oohed and aahed at the designs. But then I read the two or three paragraphs about each dress and was totally intrigued. The fascinating stories show the reader a small snippet of another’s life, perfectly complementing the beautiful and elegant drawings. From wedding dresses and ballgowns to minis and swimsuits, from different social eras, all are explained with a simple design for each.

Charlotte Smith inherited over three thousand dresses along with a catalogue of the previous owners and the stories behind the dresses. How envious I am!

I love this small little pink book and now my desire is to see the real thing… and not just behind a glass case… but to touch and feel and maybe dream I might own just one.

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