15 November 2009

The Pocket Book of Boosh

by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding

Canongate Books. Adult Other. Paperback rrp $29.95

I admit I don’t understand the humour behind The Mighty Boosh, although I’ve spent countless evenings listening to my 17-year-old and 50+ man of the house laughing uproariously. I lasted five minutes. No. Not funny. So when I was offered the chance to review The Pocket Book of Boosh, I was unsure whether I should. But then I thought, maybe the written word would help me understand the mechanics of the humour.

Well – I still don’t get it. I started to read the beginning, flipped through a few pages to some photos, further along to a comic strip, even further in to some email correspondence and further still to wise words from Slash. I did profess to a slight smile, giggle here and there.

This is one for the cult followers of Boosh fans out there. And there seem to be a few around. The fans in this family had no trouble finding the gut-splitting humour.

For anyone who has a really hard time buying presents for the males in the family, especially teenagers, The Pocket Book of Boosh is the perfect gift. Devotees of the show will love it. And I’ll be able to keep one not-too-keen-on-reading member of my family happy with a book.

I might not understand The Mighty Boosh but I understand where its audience is. Everywhere even in my small home town, husband and son included. Boosh’s trademark skull is a familiar icon.


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