13 November 2009

The Patch

by Justina Chen Heddley

black dog books. Australian, Young Reader. Paperback rrp $16.95

For every young child who has to go through being “different” for one reason or another, this book is a great inspiration

Five year old Becca has to wear an eye patch to correct her lazy eye. She changes into many different characters for her classmates, such as “Becca the Ballerina Pirate who dances across the seven seas” or “Becca the One-Eyed Monster” to avoid answering the question of why she has to wear the patch.

The author has included a note about Amblyopia (lazy eye) to further explain the condition.

This is a fun book with water colour illustrations on every page of Becca and her wonderful characters. It is a great tool to help children understand and overcome the stigma of medical problems, such as a lazy eye or even a broken arm.

The book targets four to eight year olds and even though it is about a little girl it is just as effective a story for boys.


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