14 July 2009


by Ted Prior

Simon & Schuster. Australian, Picture, Young Reader. Paperback rrp $4.99

Grug is a squat hairy sort of thing with a nose, two eyes, a mouth, hands and feet and he was born from the top of a Burrawang tree.

This year he is turning 30 and to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Simon & Schuster have re-released the Grug books. With over a million copies sold in Australia it is easy to see that Grug is special. He’s so popular that when I tell others I have just re-read Grug they are transported back to their childhood with memories of being dressed up as him or reading his stories over and over again.

Well now another couple of generations can enjoy what us “older” generations have been lucky enough to have had . . . Grug! And more Grug. There are 25 stories in all.

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