13 July 2009

My Sister the Vampire – Switched

by Sienna Mercer
Hardie Grant Egmont. Junior, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $15.99

The flyer for this book suggests My Sister the Vampire as appropriate for the younger population not quite ready for the Twilight series. I agree wholeheartedly. My Sister the Vampire is an enthralling read and pre-teens will love it.

When Olivia moves to a new school she is feeling a bit nervous on fitting in. But she is a great cheerleader and helps her settle in with the type of girls she has always been friends with. She has nothing to worry about.

Until the day she meets her twin sister.

Olivia and Ivy were adopted by separate families at the age of one. Neither remembers anything about each other or their real parents. Looking identical is the only thing they have in common - that and the unusual ring they both possess.

Ivy is a Goth. Whereas Olivia wears pink and a tan, Ivy wears black and her skin shines beneath the moon. But Olivia and Ivy find that they can help each other in times of trouble. Switching places has never been easier until Olivia discovers the secret Ivy has been hiding. Ivy seems to have forgotten to tell Olivia that she is a Vampire. Could Olivia be one too?

My Sister the Vampire - Switched is not only a story about finding your feet in new circumstances, but also those ever popular teenage girl issues - such as boy crushes, keeping secrets, what to wear and how to organise a “killer” ball! Look out for the next three books in this series, Fangtastic, Revamped! and Vampalicious.

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