05 March 2009


ABC Publishing. Australian, Picture. Board books rrp $14.95

This beautifully presented box set of four sparkly fairy board books will be much loved by little girls. The books are based on the successful Fairies television series by Jen Watts. Series Three screened on Channel 7 in 2007 and Series Four is currently in production.

The four books are an introduction to the characters from The Fairies series. In the green book we meet Barnaby who loves flowers and Elf who likes to surf. In the purple book, Harmony practises her magic while in the pink book, Rhapsody loves to play. We find Twinkle the Tooth Fairy and Wizzy practising his magic in the yellow book.
If you are looking for a gift for a tutu-wearing, wand-waving little one then this might just be perfect.

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