05 March 2009


by Gillian Shield. Illustrated by Sebastien Braun

Hachette Children’s Books. Picture Book. Softcover rrp $16.99

The first page is guaranteed to grab any reader’s attention - a picture of the most cuddleable teddy bear ever. And anyone who says there is no such word as cuddleable, hasn’t seen this picture.

In the pages that follow, there are lots of bears, big and small. The young reader learns the answer to many important questions. What do bears like to do? What do they like to eat? What do they need when they are not well? And perhaps most important of all – what do bears need at bedtime?

Every bear loves
A big bear hug,
Soft and cosy,
Warm and snug.

Gillian Shield’s text humanises teddy bears in a way young readers already know well. Teddy bears are good friends. Someone to share everything with.
Sebastien Braun’s illustrations are endearing and young readers will search for the bear which looks most like there own. I love the purple-blue wash picture of all the bears in bed asleep. And I want to take home that cuddleable teddy bear from the very first page.

On the inside of the back cover is a mirror especially for the reader and their favourite bear. They too become part of this wonderful book.

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