05 March 2009


by Hazel Edwards. Illustrated by Mini Goss.
CD Narrated by Antonia Kidman

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Picture. Hardback with CD rrp $27.95

This new series from New Frontier Publishing, The Music Box Series, is an excellent way to introduce young children to classical music. Flight of the Bumblebee is the first book in the series and is written by Hazel Edwards and illustrated by Mini Goss.

Bumble is a clumsy bee who can’t fly properly. He can’t even target a flower to get the nectar. With the help of a kind Drone, Bumble soon discovers that if he uses music as his flight plan and flies in tune, he can visit the flowers instead of bumbling past them altogether.

Edwards has written an entertaining and humorous story that keeps excellent time with the music. It’s not hard to picture Bumble buzzing and zipping around, missing the flowers. Especially when the background music is Rimsky Korsakov’s famous Flight of the Bumblebee.

The beautiful and zany illustrations, combined with the musical backdrop, will have young readers dancing and buzzing around the room.

This is a very clever concept that will become popular amongst little bees and blossoming music buffs everywhere.


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