18 March 2009


by Robert G Barrett

Harper Collins Publishers. Adult Other, Australian. Paperback rrp $29.99

High Noon in Nimbin is a funny, quirky read that did a very unexpected and clever about turn in the last thirty or so pages. The action level rose right off the Richter scale as the pace became almost frantic. Great fun!

There is a hitman killing Fabio, a waxhead wedding that turns into a fight between two countries, a nightclub where you aren’t allowed to dance, an old man attacking a drug dealer in Nimbin, a drink fuelled punch-up and a massacre of a few men over some gold! And this will come as no surprise to his existing fans, Les Norton is right amongst it all!

If you are a fan then High Noon in Nimbin this will satisfy your thirst. If you are a newcomer to Les Norton and Robert G Barrett then hang on for the read-and-ride of your life. This is no long slow drink! And if Australians are really like this then I think I better leave now!

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