18 March 2009


A comprehensive guide to your talents, challenges, personality and potential
by Michele Finey

Allen & Unwin. Adult Non-Fiction, Australian. Paperback rrp $22.95

I love to dabble a little bit with reading my stars, not that I ever truly believe any of it. Most of the books I have read are filled with what I call ‘mumbo jumbo’ and I have to work out at what time I was born, where the moon was and if the sun was in Jupiter etc, etc, etc. I got a bit fed up with this a few years ago and in fact don’t bother reading my stars in the local newspaper anymore.

Then a friend gave me Secrets of the Zodiac. It laid on my bedside table for a while. Could I be bothered to read more hocus pocus? What did I have to lose? So with very little expectation I opened the book. I went straight to my star sign. Now I’m not going to spoil it for any of you out there who are Aries like me but… I read. Then I read some more. Then I flicked over to my husband’s sign, and my children’s. Very, very interesting!

This is a wonderful book, even for the non-believers. It is incisive and not only does it tell you about yourself (we all know about ourselves deep down anyway), but it points you in a positive direction, highlighting some traits which aren’t the best, and how to turn them around for your own benefit.

A lot of what is suggested comes naturally to most of us with age but I found it beneficial when I recognised the description of my children’s talents, or lack of, and was provided with common sense advice on how to gently manipulate them to become a better person.

Secrets of the Zodiac is not just an astrology guide but a self help manual that everyone will find something useful inside. It is a book that I know I will often refer back to. It still sits on my bedside table but instead of growing dusty from lack of use it is becoming dog-eared and well read.

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