17 March 2009


by S A Jones

Allen & Unwin. Paperback rrp $27.95. Australian. Romance.

Red Dress Walking starts at the end. The perfect place to start when the ending is not your typical love story finale. The funny thing is I had to keep re-reading the ending to remember what had ultimately happened. So the ending entices you into the story by ensuring that you read the rest of the book to find out you got to the end. I loved this!

Will and Emily are a couple in a long-term, committed relationship. They live together and their world revolves around each other, their jobs and their close circle of friends.

Will wants to take the next step forward but he doesn’t know how. Emily isn’t the kind of girl that would be impressed with the “down on one knee with a ring and flowers” approach. Will wants to express his feelings with the kind of “WoW” that Emily deserves.

While shopping with his platonic but absolutely stunning best friend Katya, Will espies a stunning, sexy red dress. Katya helps Will choose the right size for Emily and he pays the very expensive price, sure he has found the perfect gift.

Once Emily opens the box and sees the dress, for reasons incomprehensible to Will, everything changes - with Emily, with their relationship, with their friends and their lives. Will doesn’t know how to react to the changes in Emily. Emily’s friends don’t see the subtle differences until it is too late. And Emily is too afraid to tell anyone what has happened.

Throughout the book are references to great writers, books and characters who play a unique and unusual role in Emily’s life.

Red Dress Walking is a wonderful novel about the relationships between men and women, break-ups and breakdowns, friendships and taking sides when the crunch finally comes. A brilliant book and a great read.

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