10 April 2014

Little Chef, Big Curse

Eleven year old Matty Swink is totally alone. His grandmother Sadie died leaving him in the care of the revolting Fennella Flinch, owner of Fennella’s Food Fort, a filthy roadside diner, which was formerly his gran’s gourmet restaurant. His life as a kitchen slave to Fennella is a misery, with his only comfort being a dream of becoming a great chef using his gran’s recipes and his ability to decipher the ingredients in whatever he tastes.

The activation of the five hundred year old Curse of the Moon Mice sets in motion a course of events which will bring Matty to his dream. But not before he experiences a great deal of sorrow, many challenges and what seems to be, the greatest adventure of his short life.

This is a fantasy tale of great and exaggerated proportions, but one that will entertain children that love gross images and unusual and unexpected developments. The characters are less than charming but fit perfectly into their revolting roles.

It is also a story filled with optimism, dreams come true, justice for the wicked, and victory for the underdog which I love to read about in any form.

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Title: Big Chef, Little Curse
Author: Tilney Cotton
Publisher: Scholastic Press PB RRP $16.99
Publication Date: Feb 2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742832692
Type: Junior Fiction

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