19 October 2012

Siren’s Storm

 by Lisa Papademetriou

Random House. Young Adult, Fantasy. Paperback RRP $18.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown.

It is twelve months since Will, his brother Tim and his neighbour Gretchen went sailing on Tim’s boat. Two boys went out but only one returned. Tim’s body was never found and Will cannot remember anything. A scar on Will’s face and a burnt sail. What happened that night?
Will lives in a small coastal town that, in the warmer months, is home to the wealthy. Gretchen arrives every summer and is Will’s best friend. But this summer is different. Both Will and Gretchen feel the loss of Tim deeply. There are unanswered questions about that night unasked between them. How did Gretchen save Will but not Tim? Why does she not remember being there? Why does she sleep walk some nights and Will has to chase after her before she reaches the rocks?

Now a new girl has arrived in town. Asia is beautiful and exotic, andWill is fascinated by her. She seems to have a power over others that only Will can see.
Then another mysterious drowning occurs. Is Asia just another drifter travelling through town or is there something more dangerous about her?

Siren’s Storm is a book of myths and fantasies set in a modern day tale. Brilliant. If you loved to read about Jason and the Argonauts, as I did as a child, you will love this book.

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