22 October 2012

Imagine We Were

by Renee Bennett, illustrated by Claire Richards

Wombat Books. Australian, Children’s Picture Book. Hardback RRP19.95

Everyone has at least once wondered what if they were…
Imagine We Were is the wonderful story of a mother and child. It reminds me of the Old Lady Who Swallowed The Fly…

               “Imagine we were bees
               and you were my baby
               zzz zzz zzz
               We’d buzz round the cat while
               it lazed on the mat and
               I’d whisper,
               ‘You’re precious to me’.”
The bees change to cats, who change to dogs, and so the story continues until mother and child are together as humans.

A wonderful story of imagination for mothers and children to enjoy together. Claire Richards’ colourful but subtle water colour illustrations are simple but a pleasure to look at. The clouds floating in the sky gradually forming shapes for a young child to discover are magical.

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