27 February 2012

Zelah Green

Who says I’m a freak?

by Vanessa Curtis

Hardie Grant Egmont. Young Adult, Humour. Paperback RRP $16.95

Reviewer - Barbara Brown

Zelah Green has a problem. Zelah doesn’t think that it’s that big of a problem but her stepmother has decided it is.
Zelah can’t touch people. She doesn’t like dirt and hates germs. She has to keep her bizarre and strange routines correct otherwise something bad happens, like when her mother died and her father left.
When Zelah’s stepmother sends her to a special hospital, Zelah realises her quirks may be a little bit strange, but not as strange as the other inhabitants, Alice the anorexic, Caro the self-mutilator and Sol the silent but cute guy.
Zelah Green is a funny yet touching story of modern-day problems that are very real for many children. An easy read recommended for the high school library book shelf.

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