29 February 2012

April Underhill

by Bob Graham

Walker Books. Australian, Picture Book. Hardcover RRP $29.99

April and Esme Underhill have a special task to perform. Grandma has rung April’s mobile phone and asked April to collect Daniel’s tooth. Younger sister Esme is keen to help.
April and Esme have never collected a tooth before. It’s a big responsibility but they’re very excited when mum and dad agree they can go. When Daniel stirs, a little advice from dad via a text message from mum, helps them convince Daniel he is having a wonderful dream.

It was a smile moment for me when April expresses surprise that human children think tooth fairies are magical creatures.
Bob Graham’s whimsical illustrations bring to life these tooth fairies who use mobile phones and send text messages. At the same time he weaves in the traditional story as mum reminisces of the time before the motorway when “foxes still chased hares on the hills and things were different back then.”

My favourite page is where April and Esme fly off into the night:
              The wind took them and shook them, pushed them and pulled them.
              It shivered down Esme’s wings and rippled through the feathers of a passing owl.”

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