12 August 2011


by James Moloney

Harper Collins. Young Adult, Australian. Paperback RRP $24.99

Silvermay tells the story of Silvermay Hawker and her journey to the mines of Nantoch with Tamlyn, Nerigold and baby Lucien. They are fleeing from those who would harm Lucien, hoping the recently discovered murals of Nantoch will provide an answer to help them escape. But the prophecy of the murals holds an even greater threat.

Set in a fantasy world with strong olde England overtones, the characters are both familiar and unique. Silvermay and Nerigold are common fold, humans who live in the villages. Tamlyn is Wyrden, a physically powerful creature who can wield magic. The Wyrden have no emotion, their only enjoyment comes from what they can take from others. They are heartless and cruel but their inability to get along prevents them from working together. Individually they serve wealthy humnas, including the King.

Silvermay must also take a more personal journey. Can she trust Tamlyn? No Wyrden has ever been able, or wanted to, reject his nature before. Are his smiles and tears real or is she blinded by her increasing feelings for him.

Action, adventure and a little romance – upper primary, young adult and older readers will enjoy this first book in the Silvermay trilogy.


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