10 August 2011

Dark Matter

by Michelle Paver

Hachette (Orion). Adult, Horror. Paperback RRP $26.99

Reviewer - Sandy Fussell

Subtitled A Ghost Story, Michelle Paver’s Dark Matter is equally an exploration of isolation and what happens to a man segregated from society.

When Jack is offered the opportunity to join an Artic expedition to Gruhuken, he embraces the opportunity for change and new experiences. His companions are wealthy, educated and well prepared. But circumstances conspire and one by one they are forced to leave the Artic.

Jack decides to continue on alone, taking the scientific measurements and looking after the huskies. But is he alone? When the sun disappears for the polar night, Jack learns to fear.

This is a story for those who like Artic tales, and ghost stories. But you might not want to sit up alone and late at night in bed to read it.


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