04 April 2011

The Heroes of the Kokoda Track

by Nicolas Brasch

black dog books. History, Junior non-fiction, Australian. Paperback RRP $16.99

The Kokoda Track is an important part of Australian history. You may all know of the hard ache and problems that accompanied the men that fought along the track. But The Heroes of the Kokoda Track is more about the history of why the track was so important and why our troops were sent to Papua New Guinea.

In this fascinating and richly illustrated book, there are lots of visuals to keep a young mind interested.

I think the title is a bit misleading as it isn’t all about the men who braved the track but more about the local area and the topography and the elements these men had to face. The locals who played a key role in keeping the Australian men alive.

If the first text box on the first page doesn’t get you interested then you must have already walked the track.

‘Try this… Put six bricks into a backpack, and climb the steepest hill you can find. But don’t do it until it’s been raining for days, so you keep slipping. Now don’t make a sound because in the bushes around you, there might be enemy troops, armed with rifles and bayonets, poised to pounce at the slightest sign of activity. Then imagine this is no game, this is reality, this is war – this is Kokoda.’

Every Australian school library should have this book proudly displayed on their shelves.

The Reading Stack reviewed Nicolas Brasch’s Gallipoli. Reckless Valour in May 2009.

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  1. Thank you Thank you ! You made your trip what it was the most moving, memorable experience of a lifetime . Because of and knowledge of Kokoda , its history,Kokoda Maps , the relationship you have with us as a group and the people of PNG, your awesome personality, humour and of course the wonderful poetry , and singing of Danny Boy made the trip something you will remember and talk about forever.