02 April 2011


by Cat Patrick

hardie grant Egmont. Young Adult. Paperback RRP $22.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

London Lane forgets her past. At precisely 4.33am her brain resets ready for a brand new day. But London never forgets her future – and the future of all around her. She sees the future in bits and pieces and it is something that London cannot forget.

Every morning the first thing London does is check her bedside table and the notes that are there to remind her of what has happened in the past couple of days and things she may need to do today. Most of the mundane things like eating, dressing, her room and school, teachers, best friend and her mum are firmly entrenched into her future memories that she knows what to expect and there are never any real surprises. But when London meets Luke she realises he isn’t in her future memories, therefore she won’t remember him. And Luke is someone London really wants to remember.

Everyday London meets up with Luke and even though she knows they are going out, Luke always takes her breath away. Why isn’t Luke in her future? Yet months into their relationship he is still there in her past and present but nowhere in her future memories.

Then London starts to dream of a funeral. Whose funeral is it? She sees a person who must be her grandmother and the father that she has never remembered. She wants to ask her mother but her mother has been hiding a secret from London and with the help of Luke, London starts to get answers. But the funeral must be in the future so whose is it? When she starts to see that Luke isn’t in her future does that mean this funeral is his? Is that why he isn’t in her future memories?

Forgotten kept me reading until the end – several hours later. A very interesting and yet gripping novel that could be classed as a love story but also could be classed as a suspenseful thriller. Neither classifications are correct. It’s the story of a girl with an interesting abnormality. This is Cat Patrick’s debut novel and it is good – truly not to be forgotten.


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  1. I've never read a book like this one. Such an interesting concept. I loved it!