16 February 2011

You are a Star

by Michael Parker and Judith Rossell

ABC Books. Children’s Picture Book, Australian. Hardcover RRP $24.99

Inspired by Michael Parker’s lifelong love of cosmology and his desire to explain scientific concepts to his young children, You are a Star explains how everyone has a piece of the stars inside them. A star is a celebration of a child’s place in the universe.

As the reader floats through space, fires burn and stars are born. They continue to burn until they explode. Tiny pieces fly across space to cool to become part of planets, rocks, plants, animals, trees … and the child reader.

The book is written in conversational storytelling style promoting the intimacy of a wonderful magic secret shared. The magic continues in Judith Rossell’s illustrations, with the clever use of light and dark. Stars glimmer, taking on many different shapes as they drift through space, tails streaming behind.

The story is beautiful encapsulated by this one line: “But remember, that sky way, way above your head is not cold and dark. It is the cradle from which you came.”

Recommended bedtime reading – a little magic, a little science and a strong sense of belonging.

The Reading Stack reviewed in April 2010 Judith Rossell and Mark Macleod's book Wrong Way.


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