18 February 2011

This is Shyness

by Leanne Hall

Text Publishing Company. Young Adult, Australian. Paperback RRP $19.95

Reviewer – Sandy Fussell

Imagine adventure, romance, a light touch of science fiction – and take one step left. Welcome to Leanne Hall’s wonderful debut novel This is Shyness.

Wildgirl is in the mood for, for forgetting and as soon as she spots him in the bar, for Wolfboy. Wolfboy can’t believe anyone like her would possibly be interested in him. In one night their worlds not only collide but change forever.

In Shyness the sun never rises. In this eternal night Wildgirl and Wolfboy embark on a dangerous mission - finding self esteem and a reason to live.

But Wildgirl and Wolfboy must first come to grips with their pasts. On this night, they do it together.

This book is unusual and unique. It’s different to anything else I’ve read but has all those elements I enjoy – it’s exciting and sensitive. It leaves you feeling that you have experienced something you could never imagine.

This is Shyness was the winner of the 2009 Text Publishing Prize, The Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing.


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