11 February 2011


by Lauren Kate

Random House. Young Adult, Fantasy. Paperback RRP $29.95

Lucinda Price, Luce known to her family and friends, has been hidden away by her angelic boyfriend, Daniel. After the angel/demon battle at the last school, Sword & Cross, Luce is not safe and has been sent to a school in Fort Bragg called Shoreline, a school for the rich with a secret class for the ‘gifted’. Normal kids try hard to get into the gifted programme but unless they have a parent who is an angel or demon, they will never get in. Except Luce.

Luce has been placed at Shoreline under the protection of the school’s Nephilim kids. These kids all have powers and Luce can be well hidden in amongst their auras from the Outcasts, immortals who want Luce dead.

The shadows that have followed and surrounded Luce all her life are still with her but she learns, with the help of her new friends and teachers, that they can be manipulated to help her see into her past and past lives. Luce has eighteen days to learn as much as she can about her and Daniel’s past before the truce between Daniel and Cam, the demon that tried to kill Daniel at Sword & Cross, finishes and then Luce may have to fend off more than one enemy.

The more Luce learns about her past, the more she realises that her and Daniel have a long past that always ends up badly. Could their relationship finally culminate in something, but what? She is a mortal and he is a fallen angel.

The Reading Stack reviewed Book one, Fallen in February 2010. You don’t have to read book one but I would recommend it just to enjoy the story of past lives and angels and demons. Can’t wait for book three, Passion which will be out mid-2011.


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