03 February 2010


by Lauren Kate

Random House. Young Adult, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $29.95

Lucinda Price, Luce, is a troubled girl. Dark, foreboding shadows have followed her for most of her seventeen years. When a boy she likes burns to death with only her as an eye witness, the police, her doctor and even her parents are suspicious. Luce can’t tell any of them what actually happened, even though she was alone with the boy, because she doesn’t understand it herself.

Her parents’ response is to send Luce to a reform school. On her first day she meets a boy who totally disorientates her. There is something vaguely familiar about him. Have they met before? Luce can’t keep her eyes off him and it seems that Daniel can’t keep his eyes off Luce. But something is not right. Whenever they stop to talk, Daniel is initially warm and affectionate, then inexplicable as cold as the winter winds whipping through the old graveyard beside the school.

Then there is Cameron. A complete opposite to Daniel - from his dark hair to Daniel’s blonde; to the sincerity of his feelings for her to Daniel’s confusing emotions. Luce is torn between the two boys who continually compete for her attention. And with this confliction of feelings she also struggles to ignore the threatening shadows increasing above her.

When finally Luce learns the truth about Daniel, Cameron and a number of others at the reform school, she realises that her love for Daniel is dangerous but her infatuation with Cameron could be deadly. A single kiss with Daniel could lead to Luce’s life being lost forever. With Cameron a kiss could develop into something far more sinister.

What happens when a fallen angel’s destiny is to replay the same love scene every 17 years for eternity? Fallen is the first of a four part series with Book 2 coming out in September 2010.


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