04 February 2010

Post Grad: A Novel

by Emily Cassel. Based on the screenplay by Kelly Fremon

Pan Macmillian. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $16.99

Ryden Malby has a plan. Graduate from college, get the dream job at THE book publishing company, get the dream flat close by and live happily ever after. Great plan. The problem for Ryden is Jessica Bard.

Jessica Bard is Ryden’s nemesis at college. Not only does Jessica become valedictorian but she also lands Ryden’s perfect job!

Ryden returns to live with her very strange family (dad likes do-it-yourself, mum likes to save, save, save and her little brother likes to lick school mates heads). What Ryden didn’t foresee is that a college graduate can’t waltz into any job. In fact getting a job is harder than it seems.

And then there is Ryden’s best friend, Adam. He keeps telling her how he feels but she doesn’t want to listen. When Adam finally gives up on Ryden, she sees what her life is all about. Is it too late to start a new plan?

It is a funny and quirky story. Post Grad the movie was released in 2009 so if you liked the book, you can watch the movie.


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