30 December 2010


by Hilary Duff with Elise Allen

Simon and Schuster Australia. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $24.99

Guest Reviewer – Caitlin (aged 14) interviewed by The Reading Stack

The first essential part of this book review was that Caitlin saw the book and she decided to “see if it would be ok”. After a two week period Caitlin had finished the 300+ pages.

Caitlin has watched, sung and been to Hilary Duff concerts but now has outgrown that stage and yet, she chose, read and finished Hilary Duff’s Elixir. What more of a compliment do you need?

Elixir is the story of Clea Raymond and the hunt for a man who has drunk sufficient Elixir to live for eternity. Most people use the Elixir sparingly to heal others.

The Reading Stack: “What did you think of Elixir?”

Caitlin: “It was alright.”

The Reading Stack: “You made a comment about the beginning, what was that?”

Caitlin: “It was scary to start with.”

The Reading Stack: “Who would read Elixir?”

Caitlin: “Teenage girls.”

The Reading Stack: “What is the story about?”

Caitlin: “It is about the Elixir of Life, a liquid that heals people. If you drink enough of it you can live for eternity. Only one person has drunk enough to live eternally. There are people that want to kill him to rectify the balance of the world. People are cursed whilst this person lives and if they kill him then they will remove the curse. But it is hard to kill someone that can live forever. However there is a way to kill the body and soul and return the Elixir to the earth. You don’t know if he does die as the story leaves it a bit open at the end. I think there will be another book because there were lots of stuff that wasn’t answered, like whether the man dies and restores the Elixir or not.”

The Reading Stack: “Did you enjoy the story?”

Caitlin: “Yes but I hope there is a second book so I can get the answers to my unfinished questions.”


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