02 January 2011


A novel of the dark elite

by Chloe Neill

Hachette Australia. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $22.99

Lily Parker has been sent to a very elite boarding school in Chicago. Not quite sixteen, her parents have accepted an ‘amazing opportunity’ to work in Germany for two years. They will be too busy to oversee Lily’s upbringing so she has been shipped from her public education in New York to the snooty, rich lifestyle of the elite, but abandoned children of the rich.
From day one at St. Sophia’s School for Girls, Lily finds that she doesn’t fit in. From the brat pack to her strange roommate Scout, Lily has trouble seeing past the differences in human personalities.

Scout and Lily become friends and Scout helps Lily adjust to the rules and regulations of St. Sophia and the sights of Chicago. But Lily feels that Scout is doing something dangerous and because of their new found friendship, feels bound to save Scout from whatever it is that is taking her out all night. Then Lily starts hearing noises, seeing strange things and noticing that Scout has a different agenda then the rest of St. Sophia’s students.

When the brat pack lures Lily down into the school basements, she is confronted with a new terror. And then Scout goes missing and her room is trashed, it is up to Lily to help find her and save her. But what is she saving her from and will Lily be in just as much danger?

Firespell is a book about magic and demons, demons could be your best friend and sucking the life out of you. The next time you feel lonely and tired check out who is standing next to you. Firespell is the first book in the Dark Elite series.


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