19 October 2010

Saving Tigers

by Dr Carla Litchfield

black dog books. Australian, Junior Non-Fiction. Paperback rrp $16.99

Dr Carla Litchfield is a scientist at the Adelaide Zoo who has written a number of fantastic educational books for young children. In Saving Tigers, Litchfield opens our eyes to a wonderful but endangered creature.

Tigers are the largest cats in the world yet there are fewer than 3,200 adults left in the wild. Throughout the text, Dr Litchfield explains the characteristics of the tiger and the problems they face in the wild and in zoos.

These graceful yet powerful animals are beautiful to behold and because of this they are killed for their fur or used as attractions in poorer countries.

Saving Tigers is not only an educational book on tigers but also contains a strong message that we must act to ensure the tiger does not go the way of the hundreds of extinct animals in the world.

The Reading Stack reviewed Dr Carla Litchfield’s book The Gorilla Book – Born to be Wild and her daughter, Kaitie Afrika Litchfield’s book The Little One. The Story of a Red-tailed Monkey in June 2009.


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