09 June 2009

The Gorilla Book/The Little One

The Gorilla Book – Born to be Wild

by Dr Carla Litchfield

black dog books. Australian, Children’s Non-Fiction. Paperback rrp $16.99

Here is a wonderful, easy to read, fact filled book on Gorillas. The author, Dr Litchfield, is a scientist who has studied Great Apes in Africa and Australia. The book is set out with short but concise information and maps, fact-boxes and sidebars to keep you interested and intrigued. The glorious photos of these beautiful creatures reveal much more than you would ever see on any zoo visit.

There are a lot of facts I knew about the gorilla, such as they walk on their knuckles, they can communicate with sounds and sign language and that they live in “families”. But there is so much more I didn’t know.

Grauer’s Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo are in danger of extinction because of mobile phones! 15% of the world’s deposits of Coltan, a metal used in electronic devices, computers and mobile phones, is found in the home of the Grauer’s Gorillas. Uncontrolled mining has resulted in animals being hunted for food and the forests and streams being degraded..

New important fact no 1: Keep recycling your electronic equipment and you could help save a gorilla. 2009 is the International Year of the Gorilla and this book, perfectly timed, is a poignant reminder of our special relationship with these gentle giants.

The Little One. The Story of a Red-tailed Monkey

by Kaitie Afrika Litchfield

black dog books. Children’s Non-Fiction, Australian. Paperback rrp $16.99

The Little One is the perfect companion book to The Gorilla Book. It could also be considered a prequel as it will extend readership to a younger preschool audience.

Kaitie is the daughter of Dr Carla Litchfield who travelled with her to Uganda to study chimpanzees. Kaitie was only four years of age but she experienced life that not many children have the opportunity to ever do including looking after a two-week old orphaned red-tailed monkey.

The Little One is the story of the bond that can develop between two young children – one a human, the other a monkey.

The book is easy to read with lots of personal photographs of Kaitie and “The Little One”. Any child who loves animals and a sense of adventure will enjoy and learn from it.

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