08 June 2009

Charlotte and the Starlet 3

Hooray for Hollywood

by Dave Warner

Random House. Junior, Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $15.95

Charlotte is a 13-year-old girl who takes care of Leila the horse. Leila was once a movie star in Hollywood and now has teamed up with Charlotte in Australia doing show jumping. But the riding academy where Leila and Charlotte live is being sued for a million dollars and the only way out is for Leila to go back to Hollywood and make another movie.

Charlotte goes with Leila and what, at first, seems to be a straight forward movie shoot turns out to have problems. Lots of problems. With accidents and kidnappings happening all over the shoot, the talk amongst everyone associated with the movie is that it is jinxed. But Charlotte thinks there is another explanation. Someone is determined to sabotage the movie and if they succeed, Leila and Charlotte may not have a home to go back to.

Can Charlotte prove that there is a saboteur? Will the movie ever get finished? And will Sarah-Jane, the leading 13-year-old actress, sort out her differences with Leila and Charlotte?

This is a fun but action-packed story. There are laughs throughout and I am sure that there are a lot of girls out there who would love to have a horse like Leila, especially since she can talk to humans!

Hooray for Hollywood is the third book in the Charlotte and the Starlet series. I am sure there will be lots of fans out there waiting for book 4!


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