26 September 2010

Kiss me Deadly

Tales of Paranormal Romance
edited by Trisha Telep

Random House. Short stories, Adult fiction, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $18.95

‘Lucky 13’ authors have written thirteen stories of mysticism, romance, death, fantasy, mysteries. Kiss me Deadly is a great book to read in small spits and spurts but if you are held captive from story to story like me, you will keep reading in one long stretch until the end is reached. And you will be hungry for more.

Here the reader will find a range of themes and fantasy subgenres - dark angels (Dungeons of Langeais), the dead waking (Many Happy Returns), maras (walking nightmares)(Fearless), ghosts (Vermillion) and even Peter Pan grown up (The Spy Who Never Grew Up).

The selection criteria for inclusion in this anthology was that stories had to be about the paranormal and they had to include romance. But be warned, the romance is nothing expected. Readers who don’t like romance but like a bit of horror and some wicked plots, will enjoy Kiss me Deadly.

The Reading Stack reviewed The Eternal Kiss, a companion collection of vampire stories also edited by Trisha Telep in September 2009.

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