18 September 2009

The Eternal Kiss

Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire

edited by Trisha Telep

Random House Australia. Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adults. Paperback rrp $18.95

If you are a fan of vampire stories then here is the next book for your reading list. Not only are there thirteen different stories all with vampires but every single story was an excellent read.

If you ask me which story was my favourite – I can’t tell you. They were so different - the only common thread being “vampires”. Some stories were dark and graphic, others quirky and mysterious and many almost too realistic. I am starting to wonder if they really do exist. And if they do I hope it is like All Wounds or All Hallows, where the vampires coexist in our world – mostly for good.

Thirteen interesting stories, thirteen perspectives on one subject matter. And all endings kept me wanting more. I hope some of these short stories are taken further into novels. While the target readership appeal is for young adults, any adult who loves a good vampire story will equally enjoy. More please!

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