09 March 2010

Somebody’s Crying

by Maureen McCarthy

Allen & Unwin. Australian, Young Adult, Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $17.99

Lillian Wishart was murdered. Left behind is Alice, Lillian’s daughter.
Somebody’s Crying is the story of Alice and two boys, Jonty and Tom. Jonty is Lillian’s nephew and Alice’s cousin. He is also the prime suspect to the murder. Tom is Jonty’s best mate but following the murder, he leaves Warrnambool.

There is never any evidence to put Jonty away. But both Tom and Alice have their own reasons to suspect his involvement.

Three years later Tom is back in his home town. As he struggles to forget the past, Alice brings it forward. Alice wants justice for her mother’s murder and she asks Tom for his help.

But when Jonty’s long lost father resurfaces with a confession of his own, neither Alice or Tom are sure what to believe. Will Alice be able to find the truth and will Tom be able to let go of the past? Can broken friendships be repaired?

Somebody’s Crying is an engrossing story with an ending I never expected. I thought I had solved the case but McCarthy turns even the twists inside-out until you have no idea of the outcome! Brilliant writing. Brilliant story. Teenagers who like a clever mystery will love Somebody’s Crying.

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