06 March 2010

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll. Retold by Harriet Castor. Illustrated by Zdenko Bašić

Hardie Grant Egmont. Picture, Young Reader, Junior. Hardback rrp $29.95

Everyone knows the classic tale by Lewis Carroll and this wonderful retelling with fascinating pictures will bring another generation down the rabbit hole sharing Alice’s magical adventure.

This large (wider than A4) and interesting book has lots of pieces to touch, pull and open as the story unfolds. Little fingers will eagerly wait the turn of each page, to see what new magic it will bring.

Bašić’s pictures are like an I Spy collage with so many interesting and quirky things to see it is sometimes hard to concentrate on the text without sneaking continual glances at the illustrations. And at the end there is another mystery to solve.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland might be primarily for children but many adults will love reading it to their young ones. With its soft cushiony outer case this is a book that will be loved and treasured by all – at bedtime and every time.


  1. This sounds wonderful. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

  2. I would say it is a coffee table book for children and the young at heart alike!