30 March 2010

Hoax Cuisine

by Maggie Groff

Simon & Schuster. Australian, Adult Non-Fiction, Adult Other. Paperback rrp $14.99

I had just spent the day organising the local school fundraising BBQ – stood for hours trying hard to please the little ones. Other mums had brought in their homemade delicacies from earthmother kitchens. Not me – I had no time to cook so I brought shop-bought lamingtons (they never even came out of the packaging!). Exhausted, I flopped onto my bed and picked up Hoax Cuisine. Just a quick look to see what it was all about. Perfect timing!

Maggie Groff was obviously speaking directly to me with the comment “Overworked, Under-appreciated.” I read on about the earthmother kitchens (see paragraph above) – hmmm. She was onto my problem immediately…

Then “fake the bake and take the credit” jumped out at me.

Groff invites you to write in the book, make notes and generally fall in love with the book. I did all that, and now can’t live without Hoax Cuisine and Maggie Groff.

Hoax Cuisine – part cheating, part real cooking – is a short cut cookery book for women on the go. There are so many tips and tricks that I can’t decide where to begin. If you have to present a three course meal to visitors, friends, or the worst judges of all, family, then this book will take the fuss out of preparation and presentation. If you have to take a treat to the school fete – there are some great tricks and ideas.

If you have little or no time to be in the kitchen– just do yourself a favour and buy this book! You too can produce 5 star meals. Hoax Cuisine will become your kitchen bible! And the “earthmothers” will embrace you into their world. Faking it has never been easier!

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