29 March 2010

Heist Society

by Ally Carter

Hachette Australia. Young Adult, Crime. Paperback rrp $16.99

You have probably watched or read stories of mastermind thieves. Even ads reinforce the illusion of the glamorous thief doing back flips over infra-red security alarms. Heist Society is just like these movies, advertisements and books except in this case the very well-established thieves and masterminds are all teenagers. Too young to vote or legally drink but old enough to crack high powered security codes.

Katarina Bishop’s father is a well known thief. When five paintings go missing, all the clues mistakenly point to him. Kat is the only person who can save him from a powerful mobster intent on retribution. Except she has pulled her biggest scam ever and now attends one of the best boarding schools in the country. She has turned her back on the life of a professional thief.

Then Hal, a very wealthy young man and also Kat’s ex-partner in crime ensures that Kat is politely asked to leave the school and the new life she was happily settling into.

With the help of Hal and his vast family fortune, Kat sets out to save her father, her friends and herself; and return the priceless art collection to its rightful owner. Only one problem – she has two weeks to find the collection, steal them back without getting caught and get her father out of jail. Something even a criminal mastermind would normally spend months planning.

Can she do it?

Fans of Carter’s Gallagher Girl series, will not be disappointed in this wonderful book of intrigue and chase. Even before Heist Society was published the film rights were bought by Warner Bros. I will see you in the front row of the cinema!


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