26 February 2010

Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasure

by Nette Hilton. Illustrated by Gregory Rogers

Random House (Woolshed Press). Australian, Junior. Paperback rrp $16.95

Pyro Watson has been sent to stay with his Aunt Mor and her partner Mr Stig whilst his mother looks after his nan and his father goes to work. Pyro doesn’t want to go and stay in the old camper in the caravan park where his aunt lives. He wants to be back at school with his best friend Geezer making pirate maps and building pirate boats. It’s only for a week or two but Pyro is sure there will be nothing to do and he will be bored.
To help the boredom, Pyro becomes Simeon, the Pirate Fighter. When he meets Min and his little yappy dog, Becks, Pyro finds a true soul mate. Both Min and Pyro love pirates and find lots of adventures around the beach and surrounding rocks. But they have to beware of the Worries, the local bullies who want to hassle Pyro.

Simeon knows how to defend himself, but can Pyro?

When the Worries steal Becks whilst Pyro is looking after him, Pyro must face danger alone. Pyro needs to be as brave as Simeon.

A wonderful tale of a young boy trying to conquer his fear of both friendship and bullying. Boys and girls will delight in Pyro’s adventures, riveted to the end.

Shortlisted for Qld Premier's Literary Awards for Young Adults 2009 and NSW Premier's Literary Awards - Ethel Turner Prize 2009.


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