27 February 2010

Food for Sports Performance (The Complete Guide to)

Peak Nutrition for Your Sport

by Dr Louise Burke and Greg Cox

Allen & Unwin. Australian, Adult Non-Fiction. Paperback rrp $35.00

Food for Sports Performance was originally published in 1992 and this latest edition has been revised, expanded and updated. Over 500 pages power packed with information that is both insightful and instructional for any sporting person, from swimming, running, cycling to boxing, football, tennis, just to name a few.

You don’t have to be a contender for the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games. If you are keen to improve your performance and want some insider knowledge on the best foods and when and where to have them, Food for Sports Performance is a must for your library.

For sporting adults it is the book they need to read. Although it is not aimed at children it is a good stepping stone to prepare them and the chef of the house, for eating right to achieve the best results. Rehydration, sports supplements and foods, fatigue factors, refuelling, electrolytes and alcohol are discussed. There are tables, case histories and profiles and individual sport tips. This compendium will help answer many of questions.

The authors have professional and hands-on experience. Burke and Cox are both athletes and sports nutritionists who work for the Australian Institute of Sport.

This is one book that should be on every athlete and coach’s bookshelf. As the parent of a child who runs and wants to achieve her best, I’m glad I have it to refer to at any given time.

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