20 November 2009

Juliet, Naked

by Nick Hornby

Penguin Australia. Adult Other. Paperback rrp $32.95

Two people. Annie, lives in a small seaside village in England, works in the local history museum and has just realised her 15 year relationship with Duncan has really been a waste of time. Tucker, lives in America with his fifth child and is slowly realising that his last 20 years hiatus from being a great rock singer hasn’t done him any good. Duncan is one of Tucker Crowe’s biggest fans and Annie has been tagging along.

When Tucker’s famous song Juliet, is re-released 20 odd years after it was first played, his fan site on the internet buzzes with stories, thoughts and opinions. What his fans don’t realise is that the singer who disappeared still listens to his fans and when Duncan posts a review hailing the song as a masterpiece, Annie can’t resist posting her own scathing response.

Tucker agrees with one of them.

When Annie and Duncan finally go their separate ways, Annie learns that her ex-partner has influenced her more than she realised – especially when it comes to the famous Tucker Crowe.

A wonderful book about relationships and what they do and don’t bring to the party.


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