25 October 2009


by Emily Gravett

Pan Macmillan. Junior. Paperback $16.99

This is a book that I just had to have in my library. From the beautiful matt black cover with gold twinkling stars and shiny frog inside a crystal ball - to the half-pages that make up the different spells in between. This book is one you will immediately want to savour, sense and touch.

Spells is the tale of a little frog who wants to grow up as a handsome prince. He is hopping around on an old spell book when an idea pops into his head. He locates the spell for the Handsome Prince but the pages are all torn so he needs to find the right pieces to form the correct spell.

This is a wonderful and funny story with absolutely beautiful pictures. Children will delight in being able to create different spells using changing combinations of top and bottom pages. My young reader and I giggled when the pictures corresponding with the new spell created strange and unusual animals - from a Snird (Snake and a Bird) to Nabbit (Newt and Rabbit) and even a Fake (Frog and Snake).

A wonderful book to give as a gift to treasure or just read aloud for family fun.


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