24 October 2009


The Complete Adventures of

by Dorothy Wall

Harper Collins. Australian, Junior. Hardcover rrp $39.99

Blinky Bill was first published in 1933 with Blinky Bill Grows Up following in 1934 and the third book, Blinky Bill and Nutsy published in 1937. These three much-loved Australian classics were combined into The Complete Adventures of BLINKY BILL in 1939.

For those who don’t know (surely there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know?) this is the story of a loveable but naughty young Koala, Blinky Bill, who likes to go on great adventures in the Australian bush. He constantly tries his mother’s patience but befriends many interesting and unique Australian animals along the way. He is always getting into mischief and trouble but eventually comes home to his mother.

Harper Collins have faithfully kept the text and charming illustrations of the original editions. An interesting feature of the latest version is the addition of a comprehensive biography of Dorothy Wall and early reviews of the first edition.

The Complete Adventures of BLINKY BILL is a book that will be treasured by the whole family. Dorothy Wall’s timeless language and illustrations will keep the current generation as entranced as their grandparents were. My 1947 copy has been placed lovingly back on the shelf and my new 2009 is already being read to my children.

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