09 October 2009

Slow Cooker

by Sally Wise

ABC Books. Australian, Adult Other. Paperback rrp $24.99

I often work from home but I never seem to have enough time to whip up a truly delicious meal for the family. Many times I have cooked dinner in the early morning before working and left it to sit in the oven or on the stove or in the fridge. I didn’t know about slow cooking.

Then one day in the supermarket I picked up, by mistake, a sachet to make something interesting and different. Unfortunately, as much as the recipe sounded great, it was for a slow cooker. What’s that? I asked myself. Then I found that my mother owned one, most of my friends, the mothers in the playground… almost everyone except me! Why hadn’t I heard about slow cooking? This would make my life so much simpler. So I bought one.

But what to cook? There are only 4 or 5 meal sachets on the supermarket shelf and the recipes that come with the cooker were not inspiring. What a joy to find Sally Wise’s Slow Cooker.

I have tried several of her recipes so far and they are all easy and taste great. Most of the ingredients are in my cupboard already.

The smell when Tilly’s Indian Sweet Curry Beef was cooking made me salivate all day long – one problem with working from home! And my husband, who isn’t a fan of soups, thought the Minestrone was definitely to be repeated. The Satay Chicken is super easy and tastes delicious.

Then there are the desserts! I have to wait for the weekend to cook them but am tossing up on the Apple Dumplings in Butterscotch Sauce or the Apple Golden Syrup Dumplings. I think I might need to purchase another slow cooker so I can have my dinner and dessert as well!

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