04 October 2009

Check on Me

by Andrew Daddo. Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley

ABC Books. Australian, Picture book, Young Reader. Hardback rrp $24.99

There was a bidding war at The Reading Stack when Check on Me by Andrew Daddo arrived. His previous titles are firm favourites with many reviewers. But since I have the youngest child – I won! I had already read most of it before morning tea and I couldn’t wait to take the book home and give it to the other adult in the family who does the “putting to bed” routine most nights.

We both agreed with everything in the text – especially…

“There has to be a story –
first from a book
and another one from your mouth.”

And then of course, after half an hour or so…

“Oh. I’ll need a drink.”

Daddo has captured bedtime routines perfectly and Bentley has so, so accurately portrayed the “innocence” of the child trying to do everything to delay the inevitable.

Check on Me is an excellent resource book for children who have trouble going to bed and a great shared read. If you follow the steps outlined in the book, in a matter of a few minutes or so, with all the routines complete, I know in our house at least, there is one little boy happily in bed!

Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay’s Cheeky Monkey was reviewed in Issue 10 of the Reading Stack.


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  1. yes, we adore this book as well. The words and the pictures compliment each other beautifully, and it's as if it was writen for our own two and a half year old who's always been the master staller before bed.