11 October 2009

The Brightest Star in the Sky

by Marian Keyes

Penguin. Romance. Paperback rrp $32.95

One address. Four flats. Seven occupants. At 66 Star Street Dublin there seems to be a lot happening and someone is watching them all. We start off at Day 61 and as we turn another page and pass another chapter we also are counting down to Day 1. But what will happen on Day 1? And why is the “watcher” counting the days and picking and choosing?

Of the seven occupants at 66 Star Street, the “watcher” is trying to decide who to choose. There are some obvious choices and some not so easy. Jemima is in her 80’s and can sense a presence but she isn’t ready … just yet. Matt and Maeve are married who live on the bottom floor only seem like the perfect couple. Young Lydia, stuck living with two unfunny Poles, has a lover but much anger and hatred. And then there is Katie on the top floor. She has a perfect man in Conall, she is turning 40. Could she be the one?

Love, lust, passion, death, tragedy, friendship, endings and beginnings; it is all happening at 66 Star Street. When secrets are uncovered the “watcher” knows it is time to choose.

The Brightest Star in the Sky kept me entranced. How could so much happen in one tiny block of units? How many endings could one book have? And not tied with neat bows either. This is a book with wide general appeal. Buy it for yourself and give it as a gift. You won’t regret either decision.

This Charming Man by Marion Keyes was reviewed in Issue 7 of The Reading Stack.


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